How to Apply

Fill in the Application Form
Complete the application form providing all required information and contact details. You will not need to do a separate application for a scholarship - our admissions process automatically filters all applicants for eligibility.
Upload all your supporting documents
Upload the necessary documents that support your application. The application guidelines that accompany your application will explain precisely what documents you need to submit (for example, your academic record, IELTS score, personal statement).
Pay the enrolment fee
Our user-friendly payment process automatically accepts UK sterling, Euros and US Dollars so that you do not have to convert currency. Please note that your application will only be processed by Admissions after payment has been completed.
Wait for the outcome of your application
After you have submitted your completed application, necessary documents and paid the enrolment fee our Admissions team will process your application, screen it for scholarships and work with our academic team for selection. There are three possible outcomes: an Unconditional offer, a Conditional offer or a Rejection. The response that you get will explain clearly the outcome of your application and what actions you may need to take next (if any).
Complete Tuition Fee payment
If you have been offered a place on the course (conditional or unconditional) you will need to pay the Tuition fee in full as soon as possible. If this balance remans outstanding you will not be able to register and receive instructions on how to commence your studies.
Once your application is successful, we make contact with you regarding registration, which is fairly straightforward and simple. We then look forward to welcoming you onboard.


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