Not just a Degree. A Career.

Academia Cerebra is a UK-established global Higher Education institution known for its immersive learning methodology in the luxury / fashion industry and its prestigious Scientific Committee that guides the School in designing courses to exacting standards of excellence.

Accelerated Courses

Condensed. Manageable. Transformational.

Accelerated courses deliver in-depth and hands-on luxury and fashion industry knowledge in a concentrated format that fits in seamlessly with your current commitments. Fashion brand directors and academic thought leaders share advice, best practice and behind-the-curtains insight while a team of qualified academic tutors support your journey on an academic and personal level.


The Accelerated Courses are recognised by luxury brands and the Luxury Plus Summit – the top luxury conference for industry professionals – on account of their attention to high quality and their philosophy of immersing you fully in the industry ecosystem while you are learning by doing and developing your skills. Expect an immersive learning week in one of Europe’s fashion capitals while participating in trade fairs or exclusive industry events and conferences with unique networking opportunities.

Summer School

This summer school gives a comprehensive overview of the many aspects of fashion management, with emphasis on entrepreneurial fashion designers and high fashion / luxury brands.


The main topics are: the fashion industry and system, fashion business modelling and entrepreneurship, enterprise management (IP, law, finance, supply chain management), SCR and sustainability in fashion, fashion marketing and promotion (online marketing, retail options, e-strategy, PR) and HR and leadership in the fashion industry.

Collaborative Partners