Accelerated Course

Fashion and Luxury Brand Management for Law and Business Professionals

Especially designed for Law and Business professionals, this course is taught by internationally recognized experts, fashion brand directors and academic thought leaders with industry backgrounds and extensive connections with luxury brands.


The architecture of the course has been designed to cover the most important aspects and challenges faced by managers focusing on real-world topics, experiences and knowledge.


Participants will engage in highly collaborative and participative workshops during online sessions and an immersive working week in Milan / Florence.

    Who Is This Program For?

    This accelerated course is designed for professionals and entrepreneurs seeking a comprehensive understanding of the international luxury business.


    The course is ideal if you are looking to get a broader perspective, to accelerate your career, make a career conversion, or build your own luxury business.


    No minimum work experience is formally required, however some industry experience would be beneficial.


    A 5.0 IELTS (or above) English score is necessary to follow the course comfortably.


    “It has been great to understand the mechanism that affect perception and learn how we can manage successfully our presence in professional interactions.”

    Sebastiano D.
    Marketing Manager

    Key Features

    Seamlessly blending in with your existing commitments

    The course is delivered in a condensed format and period of time, in just under seven (7) months. The blended nature (online and face-to-face) of the course has been especially designed to suit the needs of young professionals, entrepreneurs or individuals with existing full-time commitments.

    Practical learning outcomes

    The course is aimed at anyone wishing to extend their knowledge of the main issues/challenges faced by fashion and luxury players, both established and emerging. It will provide you with a focused, state-of-the-art skillset allowing to set up your own company and jump-start your journey in this highly competitive industry.

    Industry-respected certification

    Successful graduates of the program will receive the Academia Cerebra Executive Certificate in Luxury Brand Management recognised by the Luxury Plus Summit and Luxury Alliance - the top global conferences for the luxury industry.

    Program Architecture

    6 modules delivered online

    One Weekend per month

    Immersive Learning Week

    2-Months Virtual Internship


    Luxury Brand Management - Key concepts and models | Online


    The global luxury fashion landscape - current state and evolution in a rapidly volatile world | Online


    Alternative growth strategies - leveraging and finetuning market positioning to create niche advantages | Online


    Consumer Behaviour and the shaping of Identity through Luxury Fashion | Online


    How ESG, Sustainability and Technology are shaping 21st century fashion | Online


    Effective business resource management optimising your business’s tangible and intangible assets | Online

    Immersive Learning Week (ILW) -
    Face-to-Face in Milan / Florence

    The Immersive Learning Week (ILW) is comprised of morning seminars followed by live designer projects in the city to be accomplished in groups, visits to designer showrooms, entry to professional buyers’ trade fair and/or related events and activities.

    Through the Academy’s Alumni Club, you will have opportunities to network with the fashion and luxury industry ecosystem not only during the immersive learning week but also after the successful end of the course.

    Virtual Internships

    The Academia Cerebra Virtual Internships© come in a variety of exciting and challenging appointments around the world, all of which are designed to maximize your potential and employability, while affording you an invaluable first step on the career ladder.

    Our virtual internships offer an invaluable experience in carefully selected companies so that you can apply and challenge yourself while being supported by our supervising staff who are there to help you grow further as a professional. Our virtual internships are not a “walk in the park”; but they are an experience that you will never forget.

    And that is how all our graduates realize on a personal level the Academia Cerebra motto -Excellentia, Actio, Integritas-: through personal, thoughtful, responsible action.

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